STYMAR Ltd. was founded in 1989 by two private persons, Mariusz Majski and Janusz Styrna. They own 50% each and their initial capital was a total of 500 PLN per person. The partners' friendship, dating back 20 years, has undoubtedely been a strong bonding factor for the future cooperation. The partners knew what to expect of each other and were sure they could rely on each other in times of trouble. Their previous experience of working for state-owned enterprises (in automotive design office and construction industry) did not sustain this new venture, however as the partners jokingly recalled after many years "there was a great chance for the new enterprise to succeed, because we didn't have any savings, any connections nor experience in publishing."

Originally, the company published catalogues and lorry instruction manuals, and provided advertising service. After three years STYMAR started to publish its first paper under the name Auto Gieda Dolnolska. As it often happens, chance was the decisive factor. "While travelling on a train we saw a German advertisement paper, left by a passenger. We looked through it and agreed: "That's what we want." After three weeks,the first issue of Auto Gieda was published

Today the STYMAR company publishes three regional publications, the biggest being the Polish advertising paper Auto Gieda Dolnolska as well as Auto Gieda Grnolska and Auto Gieda Maopolska. The company also runs an internet portal www.autogielda.pl.

The paper's monthly edition reaches 670.000 - 860.000 copies. In a typical month time the company receives approximately 340.000 - 400.000 classified advertisements.

The company owns a King Press printing machine and has a 40% share in the NORPOL-PRESS printing house in Wrocaw. In 2005 STYMAR moved its head office to a renovated, four-floored 19th century building - 46 Kasprowicza Street in Wrocaw. In September 2005 the company bought a new building on the neighbouring plot, intended for a call centre.

STYMAR has been on the market for 16 years. Capital stock is 100% Polish.


Auto Gieda Dolnolska has been on the market since 1992. The first issue was dated 10th April 1992 and its edition numbered 10.000 copies. At that time the paper had eight A4 pages and was distributed only in four Lower Silesian districts. It was then printed in a small printing house in Oawa. After a short time the paper became very popular. Thus, the circulation and size increased rapidly. Consequently, the edition expanded into neighbouring provinces.

Auto Gieda increased its format and number of pages to its current form. Auto Gieda is published three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. One edition amounts to over 50.000 copies. The paper is distributed all over Lower Silesia and in adjacent provinces within a 150 km radius.

Auto Gieda is the biggest Polish advertising paper. Each issue has 120 A3 format pages and about 20.000 classified automotive advertisements, consisting of both private and also numerous car dealers' offers and other automotive companies' ads. Monday's edition, apart from classified ads, also includes photo-offers and commentaries (a supplement entitled "m2" - articles and studies on real estate market). Friday's edition additionally includes supplements "ODJAZD" ( "The trip"), full of automotive articles, news, new vehicle tests and experts' advice and opinions, etc.

Auto Gieda specializes in classified automotive advertisements, which account for 85% of all ads. The paper also has other sections, ie. an increasing real estate section (9-10 pages), computers, radio/tv, machines and appliances, tractors and agricultural machines, telephones, house and office equipment, shop and gastronomy equipment. There are also such sections as work, business, tourism, antiques, pets and farm animals, gardening, matrimonial, social and many others.

The paper is well known. In terms of volume of sales per edition, it outsells the regional daily press and almost all other advertising papers, including the national ones.

Auto Gieda Dolnolska is distributed by all the major distributors. It is also available on subscription.

The paper has a group of regular and occasional readers. Some read the paper from cover to cover. Some read only the chosen sections. Some, interested in buying a car, computer or machine, buy Auto Gieda occasionally. Others, although having already bought the chosen good, are still accustomed to buying our paper. For all the groups, especially interested in automotive industry, Auto Gieda Dolnolska presents a great information source about price trends on the automotive market.

The company cooperates with more than fifty national and regional marketing and advertising agencies. Every week the company's representatives visit major car exchange markets in Wrocaw, Lubin, Wabrzych, Jelenia Gra, Opole, Zielona Gra, Kodzko and Kalisz. They also distribute our paper at these markets.

All best known automotive companies in the region, car dealers, spare parts importers as well as a lot of small automotive service companies place their advertisements in our paper.

It has become a rule, that one who appears in Auto Gieda, stays with us for ever. It applies for almost 90% of all our clients.

Moreover, our advertising offers include more and more foreign companies from Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland, the USA and many other countries.

We do not stand still. During the last twelve years the paper has achieved a dynamic sales growth.

In the year 2000 one edition number sold 70.000 copies.

Autogieda Grnolska has been on the market since 1998. It is a regional advertising paper covering Upper Silesia (katowickie, bielskie, czstochowskie and opolskie county). It is a weekly paper, edited every Wednesday with a circulation of 8.000 - 10.000 copies. The paper includes 64 A3 pages with about 8.000 - 10.000 classified advertisements. The contents and advertisement categories is the same as in Auto Gieda Dolnolska. Apart from advertisements, the paper also contains "ODJAZD" ("The Trip") supplement on automotive issues.

The paper is sold by press distributor chains. including Saturdays and Sundays during car exchange markets in Gliwice, Mysowice, Rybnik, Czstochowa, Bielsko-Biaa and Opole.

Auto Gieda Maopolska has been on the market since 2002. It is a regional advertising paper covering Maopolska and Podkarpacie (Krakw, Tarnw, Nowy Scz, Rzeszw). The paper includes 88 A3 pages with about 10.000 - 12.000 classified advertisements. It is published every Friday with a circulation of 15.000 - 20.000 copies. The contents and advertisement categories are the same as in Auto Gieda Dolnolska. Apart from articles and advertisements the paper also contains supplements "ODJAZD" ("The trip") on automotive issues and "m2" about real estate market.

The paper is sold by press distributor chains and during car exchange markets in Krakw, Rzeszw, Tarnw, Nowy Scz, Przemyl and Sandomierz.

www.autogielda.pl, an internet advertising portal, comprises approximately 250.000 - 300.000 classified ads placed by private persons to buy and sell goods. The ads can be placed free of charge. They are published in our papers, too. One can also add 3 pictures to the advertisement for free.

An internet user pays for the access to the advertiser's address, however after a week from the ad's appearance it can be seen free of charge.

Our portal has got the biggest number of automotive advertisements. We serve circa 1000 automotive car dealers.

www.autogielda.pl, receives about 12 000.000 hits monthly, including 270.000 real users and these numbers are growing rapidly.